Excerpt #2

Officer Murray turned to place a hand on Aiden’s head to press him into the back of the police car. The officer didn’t see Campbell’s hand come up and squeeze my breast. But Aiden did. With a roar, he broke free of the policeman’s grasp and charged toward Campbell. He wrenched the man off me. “Get your hands off my wife.” I pulled Aiden away from the policemen, back toward the fence. The snow crunched under my feet as we got close to the edge. Swinging around in front of him, I shouted his name. “Aiden! It’s okay, I’m okay.” His eyes flew open wide as he focused over my shoulder. “What are you—” An electric spasm ripped through my body as the taser prongs pierced my clothing. My muscles seized up and I lost all control of my body, pulsing in agony. I flopped forward against Aiden. He circled his arms to try and stay upright, but the snow was slick under his feet. He couldn’t keep his balance with my dead weight flung against him. We crashed backward through the fence and toppled over the edge of the cliff toward the icy waters below. The last memory I have is of falling through empty space with Aiden’s scream ringing in my ears.

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