Teaser #1

The windows rattled with the force of the wind and rain outside. Moonlight streamed into the room, interrupted only by the flickering candles around his altar. He stepped forward, chanting an incantation in a tongue that had not survived the ages, the one he was born to speak.Ceriida telus kvarial
Hubride shalaa miejr

His hand disappeared into the folds of his cloak briefly as he extracted a sgian dubh with a razor sharp edge. On the altar rested a small cauldron, already brimming with the blood of an innocent girl he’d slain that morning in preparation for the evening’s rites. She was a street urchin; she would not be missed. Light as a feather in his steely grip, she’d made a soft, gurgling sound as he’d sliced the blade across her neck, extracting the necessary ingredient for his birthing ceremony. He’d dropped her in the shadows beside a dumpster to be collected with the day’s trash. She’d served her purpose. He felt no remorse.
Reveloria onghamii plius
Desari sodam glarava

The storm kicked up outside as he drew nearer the cauldron. A quick flash of silver and his own essence was mingling with that of the urchin’s. Drip. Hiss. Drip. Hiss. His nostrils flared at the familiar scent of the now writhing pool of blood.
Decevus uighel hy yawe
Torag avear iuyovir da

A shimmering haze formed in the air above the cauldron. Voice rising with each phrase, he lifted both arms and called to the souls on the other side of the portal. He felt their response to his summons like a vise grip on his lungs. His body shook with the effort to keep the wavering portal alive. Hell itself pressed against the thin film, waiting to be set free, waiting for the portal to be thrown open at last, the goal he had so utterly failed at before, but now lay within his reach.

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